Consistency is the answer for us. We produce all of our Medical Cannabis products under the same manners; consistent soil mediums, lighting, temperature controls. All of this is done in a medical grade environment, to guarantee the premium results our customers desire and need.


Natural State of Kind only uses proven methods; natural selection, non-gmo, natural, premium genetics. We believe it all starts with the genetics. By adhering to these “must haves”, we can consistently provide the best Medical Cannabis product and results, for the people that need it most.


We believe in responsible application. And this can only be attained if our customers are educated in the differing strains and ingestion applications. We promise an environment and experience that earns your trust in the value of our Cannabis products and intake methods for your individual needs.

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Meeting Your Needs with Natural Methods

Our Customers

Natural State of Kind’s customer is our #1 focus. We aim to be your education resource for everything Medicinal Cannabis related, from available treatment methods to a wide variety of cannabis strains for your medical needs and purchase. We offer a customizable solution to the individual customer.

If you are experiencing pain, the inability to keep food down, having issues with sleep, needing to be productive and not inhibited, we have the answer to suit your needs. We offer every type of ingestible method on the market today, and can custom tailor a solution to what will work best for you. So, you can have the health and quality of life you deserve.

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Top 10 benefits

Cannabis Helps Many Conditions, We Have Identified the Top 10
Top 10 Benefits of Cannabis / Marijuana


A cannabinoid found in cannabis stops cancer from spreading
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Linked to preventing seizures by regulating relaxation in the body
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Cannabis has long been used for the treatment of migraines
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lt is used to treat and prevent the eye disease glaucoma
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Multiple Sclerosis

It eases the pain, muscle stiffness and spasms of multiple sclerosis
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Reduces pain and nausea from chemo, and stimulates appetite
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The scientific basis of this counter-intuitive phenomenon
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Proven results in treating inflammatory bowel diseases
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THC slows the progression and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
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Traumatic Injury

Cannabis can help heal the brain after a concussion or traumatic injury
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A Little Bit About Us

We are a team of Industry Professionals that are committed to a Non-GMO, natural process for all of our medicinal cannabis products. Our customers can expect we will always be able to deliver the best dosage and ingestive methods for their medical conditions, by providing a professional and knowledgeable medical staff that is dedicated to the best options for our customer’s health needs.

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Grow with Us! (pun intended ;)

Open Your Own Store

Are you someone who believes, as we do…in the ongoing need for a natural solution, to so many ailments and medical conditions, that our society faces each day? Are you one of the growing consensus, that see’s our society’s acceptance that Medicinal Cannabis is a solution for so many of these ongoing health issues? Do you see a need for a consistent, premium quality cannabis product for the medicinal needs of our family members, friends, or neighbors? Or do you simply see one of the biggest investment opportunities right around the corner?