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We Have Done All The Work

Add Your Passion and Our Experience

Whether your interests are in a cultivation facility, a processing & manufacturing plant, or a retail dispensary. We have a Natural State of Kind investment package ready, tested and proven, for you. We have created all the standard operating procedures, resourcing for vendors, marketing tools, management & staff training, etc. ready for you. All of this has been designed & created by our own franchise, agricultural, retail, medical experts, with the goal of risk avoidance, for you and your investment.

We have benchmarks place to help each partner/investor along the way, not only drawn from years of established track records and decades of expert knowledge in this industry but continually pulling from successful methods from our exclusive partner(s) pool.

As the industry grows and expands in this flourishing market, we will continue to provide assistance from our growing knowledge base to promote successful results, for each customer served, and dollar invested.

Proven Methods for Success

A Business Model That Works

    Industry Experts that have come together to create a top-level medicinal cannabis company
    For yourself, but not by yourself. We have an expert coalition formed to create success
    Staff training, with ongoing support programs & quality assurance benchmarks
    Expert assistance in staying compliant in an ever-growing highly regulated industry
    FDA certified training for your team to be the experts for your medicinal customer’s needs
    Consistent premium values of cannabis product and experience for the customer
    Digital & print materials, training & application materials for caregivers and the customer
    We have all the demographics to provide you the best results for your retail location
    A successful advantage in having the highest quality product available by controlling volume
    A proven system with established benchmarks to achieve your goals for success
    Organic-edibles, vaporizers, ointment creams, dermal and ingestible oils, t-shirts, etc…
    Take advantage of the breaks through proven strategies available in this industry
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Solution for Your Business Style

Self Management

Natural State of Kind’s approach to our Self-Managed franchise opportunities, keep one word in mind…”We”. We are here to help. You will still have the ability to manage the day-to-day procedures with your own style, having the flexibilities to approach this industry for yourself, but please know, you are not by yourself. We have created a business model that is customizable and fits your personality and needs. You will have the same operating procedures as any franchise opportunity would offer. But, you will also have a unique & proven infrastructure created by industry experts you can lean on if you have questions or the need for solutions, we have available to all our partners.

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Your Flexible Turn-Key Solution

Natural State Managed

Our turn-key solution is available for the entrepreneur that does not want to be involved in the day-to-day business management processes. If you believe in what the Medicinal Cannabis Industry is providing for so many needed patients. And you understand that a franchise is the best way to be a part of this booming industry while alleviating the risks of a typical business investment. Than a Natural State of Kind’s Managed Franchise Solution will provide the higher return on your investment you’re looking for, because of the proven methods and processes that we have benchmarked for success. But, if at anytime you decide you want to become more or less involved in any facet of your business, our flexible turn-key approach to this franchise model will always accommodate your needs or desires.

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