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Simply put…If you want to be a part of the Medicinal Cannabis Industry. We do not know of a better opportunity, and a more qualified team to invest with. Natural State of Kind is positioned to be the leader in this industry, and we would love to talk with you about joining what we are doing, to make the success of Natural State of Kind even bigger and better.

Please note, you are required to be an “accredited” investor to be a part of this opportunity with Natural State of Kind.

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Cannabis Economy Expected to Hit $44 Billion by 2020

From an estimated total impact on the U.S. economy in 2016 of $14 billion to $17 billion, the cannabis industry’s impact will grow to an estimated $44 billion by 2020. Sales from dispensaries and stores will account for $11 billion of the 2020 total, while the remainder represents the ripple effects of cannabis legalization either for medicinal or recreational use.
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Cannabis Economy
16 Ways Marijuana Affects The Economy

Legalization Would Boost The Economy

Legalizing marijuana could save the U.S. government $13.7 billion by eliminating prohibition enforcement costs and adding billions in tax revenue, according to a paper by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron that’s gained the support of more than 300 of his economist peers. Proponents have highlighted the potential economic benefits of legalizing marijuana for years, but the growth and legitimization of medical marijuana dispensaries recently could lend the argument more credibility.
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