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We are a team of Industry Experts

We are a diverse group of Industry Professionals that have come together to create a top-level medicinal cannabis company. Our backgrounds vary from Medical Experts, Agricultural Experts, Business Experts, Marketing & Retail Experts. We are all passionate about this industry, and providing a top-notch product, that meets the medical needs and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Natural State of Kind is committed to delivering that “wow” experience for each person that walks through our doors, by providing a professional and knowledgeable medical staff that is dedicated to the best options for our customer’s health needs.

The Medicinal Cannabis industry is currently working at lightning speed. We continually keep our team in-sync with the latest technology and trends, to stay relevant and effective. Our customers can expect we will always deliver the best dosage and ingestive methods for their personal medical conditions.

A side of our team is from the Big-Ag Food Industry. Our Team has 80+ years of Fortune 500 agriculture experience. We have taken that knowledge base, from breeding programs and proven growing methods, not only for the United States but Worldwide. And applied that expertise to the medicinal cannabis industry, to duplicate their success just for you, our customer.

Our Team is committed to a Non-GMO, natural process for all of our products. We never use pesticides or any treatments. Our breeding is done through natural selection. We believe it starts with genetics. Through these proven methods and commitments, we are able to bring the same high-quality natural products, that today’s medicinal cannabis consumers are looking for, and need for healthy conscience living.

Natural State of Kind


Jason Martin - CEO Natural State of Kind

Jason Martin

Brian Madar - COO Natural State of Kind

Brian Madar

Krystal Martin - Product & Education Officer Natural State of Kind

Krystal Martin

Product & Education Officer
Loni Madar - Medical Officer Natural State of Kind

Loni Madar

Medical Officer


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Advisory Board

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - Dr. Edwin Sherwood

Dr. Edwin Sherwood

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Dr. Edwin Sherwood is an Arkansas native, born in Conway Arkansas, but currently resides in Judsonia. Dr. Sherwood received his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and currently works as the Medical Director for the Emergency Department for the White County Medical Center. Dr. Sherwood’s 25 years of medical experience will provide a wealth of knowledge and professional care for Natural State of Kind’s patients.

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - Dr. Rhonda Beck

Dr. Rhonda Beck

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Dr. Rhonda Beck received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from UAMS College of Pharmacy in 2002. She is a member of the Arkansas Pharmacist Association and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. Dr. Beck has over 15 years experience in clinical hospital pharmacy, geriatric patient care, and pharmaceutical compounding. She currently serves as Director of Pharmacy for 503B and President and CEO of Trinity Herbal Compliance. Dr. Rhonda Beck will be Natural State of Kind’s full-time Pharmacist Consultant. Her background in pharmaceutical compounding will ensure that Natural State of Kind patients receive proper dosage and ingestion methods for their individual ailments.

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - Richard Goodman

Richard Goodman

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Richard Goodman, President of TheraCann USA Benchmark Corporation, received his B.A. in research psychology and has broad knowledge of human nature. Mr. Goodman has a multitude of experience with start-up business consultation, organizational optimization, technology implementation, rapid market expansions, and much more that has positioned him to be very successful in entrepreneurial endeavors.

He is driven by passion and vision, but is disciplined to focus on obtaining results. The corporation that he serves as President now, TheraCann, is actively engaged in the plan, design, implementation, training and support of vertically integrated industrial cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging and quality assurance. TheraCann provides Gold Standard facilities with a functional, secure web based Enterprise Relational software program called TheraCannSYSTEM. Richard provides Natural State of Kind with more than 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry and a team of professionals that are deeply entrenched in all things cannabis across the globe.

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - James Lee Witt

James Lee Witt

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James Lee Witt is a former White House cabinet member and Director of FEMA who provides strategic guidance to Natural State of Kind. He is best known for his passion and ability to bring people together to develop a common sense of solution for complex issues. James Lee previously served as Chairman of the Board of Witt O’Briens providing local government, hospitals, corporations and other non-profit organizations with disaster mitigation solutions. Mr. Witt spends his time divided between Little Rock, his hometown of Dardenelle, AR and Washington, D.C.

Bob Nash

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Bob Nash is an Arkansas-based consultant with 30 years of executive-level experience in public and private management, community development, development finance, philanthropy, human resources, and diversity recruitment. He has his Master’s degree in Urban Studies from the Howard University and is currently a board member for the Environmental Law and Policy Center, Jobs for the Future, and Border Patrol Foundation.

Mr. Nash also served as the Under Secretary for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where his responsibilities included managing 12,000 employees at the USDA’s 8 billion dollar housing, electric, and public facility loan and grant programs to non-profits, cities, counties and states. He was also senior advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture helping to improve the effectiveness of policies and programs impacting the growth and development of rural communities. His time spent at the USDA is invaluable to Tree of Life Seeds in many facets.

From 1995-2001 Mr. Nash served as the Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel for the White House for the last six years of the Clinton Administration, though he is most proud of his foundation in Texarkana. Mr. Nash’s career of serving American people and promoting Arkansas’ economic development provides an experienced perspective to Natural State of Kind’s operation.

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - Steven Greenshaw

Steven Greenhaw

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Steve Greenhaw is an entrepreneur and real estate expert in the state of Arkansas with over 40 years of retail experience. Beyond owning and operating many successful businesses in Arkansas, Mr. Greenhaw was a member of the Little Rock Executives (1997-2003), President of the Information Exchange Network (1993), and part of the Finance Committee for the Pleasant Valley Country Club (2008). As a pillar of the Arkansas community, Mr. Greenhaw leads by example and brings a unique and professional perspective to the leadership of Natural State of Kind.

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - Gary Burnett

Gary Burnett

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Gary Burnett is a dedicated civil servant who is certified as a law enforcement officer by the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement. Having served as Sergeant of Des Arc Police Department and Sheriff of Prairie County for over 20 years, he has significant security experience and strong relationships with state and local law enforcement officials. Mr. Burnett is a huge asset to the Natural State of Kind team, as he will oversee all security protocols to ensure a safe environment for patients and staff.

Natural State of Kind Advisory Board - Lisa Greenshaw

Lisa Greenhaw

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Lisa Greenhaw is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 30 years of experience in creating, manufacturing and building successful Arkansas businesses. Lisa was an instrumental advisor who helped design subdivisions and determine overall growth needs for West Conway, has built five successful Arkansas-based businesses and is heavily involved in local charities/philanthropic efforts. She is a native Arkansan who is passionate about family, community and helping others which makes her an inspirational and valuable asset to the Natural State of Kind team.