Loni Madar - Medical Officer Natural State of Kind

Loni Madar

Medical Officer


Loni Madar, Medical Officer, is an Arkansas native who resides in Beebe, AR. Loni received her undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and then went on to receive her MS in Speech-Language Pathology as an honors student from the University of Central Arkansas. The bulk of her professional experience has been with the adult population in a rehab setting and home health setting. Specifically, Loni helps individuals with related deficits resulting from various neurogenic and physiological disorders. Her role for Natural State of Kind includes education development and the impact of diagnosis symptoms on quality of life for patients, families and caregivers.

Loni loves the Natural State. She enjoys nature through hiking with her husband, Brian. She lives in the country and appreciates watching wildlife from her back porch. When not spending time outside, Loni draws, paints and plays the piano. Much of her free time is spent with family and friends.

Loni’s passion for medical cannabis in Arkansas began with the onset of epilepsy in her son. He led a perfectly normal life for 17 years and suddenly; without notice, his life changed forever. After years of watching him take 30+ pharmaceutical drugs, each with their own set of side effects, with no progress her family turned to medical cannabis. Her reason to be excited about this industry is simple, by making a difference one diagnosis at a time. She wants to help give people back the right to choose and be involved in their health care management with a team who shares the same passion and desire to change lives for the better.